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"I tried doing this for years on my own and nothing worked. I’d run on the treadmill six days a week, eat what I thought was healthy, and the scale wouldn’t budge…I was so frustrated. So when I started with Restoration Fitness I was skeptical. But that quickly changed. The workouts were so different than what I had done and the nutritional approach was something I could fit into my life. With their simple system I’ve lost 33lbs and 10 inches! I’m thrilled with my results and have no plans of stopping anytime soon"

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“With their simple system, I've lost 33lbs and 10 inches!  I'm thrilled with my results and have no plans of stopping anytime soon.”- Amy Neault - Kildeer, IL

Restoration Fitness has an approach to personal training that incorporates great exercises, delivers awesome results, and keeps things fun! Our fitness coaches develop a program specific to your goals, teach you how to achieve them, and guide you every step of the way! Our program is truly unique, which is why we serve clients from all over the Northwest Suburban area including Lake Zurich, Kildeer, Deer Park, Long Grove, Barrington, Hawthorne Woods, Arlington Heights, Palatine, and MORE!

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"Gave Myself the Gift of Life"

Ron Roberti - Mundelein, IL

“As I turned 60 in May of 2015 I decided to give myself the gift of health. My search led me to Restoration Fitness in Lake Zurich. The last 7 months have been nothing less than life changing. In that time, as one would expect while doing resistance training, I have lost fat, gained muscle, shrunk my waistline and gotten much stronger. The other very positive effects of the well-planned out fitness and nutrition program is that I walk taller, have increased energy, sleep better and have much more focus and clarity at work. This has contributed to a record sales year for me.

What I really like about Restoration Fitness and the small group training is; the individual attention, customized work out plans, nutrition focus and the passion that all the trainers bring to the table. When was the last time a trainer at your health club called your physical therapist to coordinate you exercise after a surgical procedure or sent you an email after a tough work out session to encourage you? Never happened to me before and over the years I have been a member at a half a dozen health clubs.

If you are serious about your long term health and want to change the way you look and feel for the rest of your life give Restoration Fitness a try”.

"I'm Down 15lbs and 14 Inches!"

Amy Goggin - Lake Zurich, IL

“The team at Restoration Fitness is amazing. I have finally achieved the results I am looking for thru their nutrition and exercise programs. I have lost 15lbs and 14 inches since starting (9 inches in the last month). My cloths fit better then they have in years and I have so much more energy!

Honestly I couldn't believe how easy it was to do. It’s so nice to have finally found a complete fitness system that works, and as a mother of two…provides the flexibility to fit my crazy schedule”!

Their studio has state of the art equipment. I can't say enough about how motivating the their trainers are, and how much they care about their clients. I finally look forward to my workouts, which says it all for me”.

"No More High Blood Pressure!"

Joe McNamara - Arlington Heights, IL

"I’ve worked out for years, but needed something more. Even though I was exercising my blood pressure was borderline high and I absolutely didn’t want to go on meds! I wasn’t happy with the ponzola either! To date I’m thrilled with my results. My blood pressure is on the low end of normal and I’ve dropped 4 inches in my waist."


"I've lost 39lbs & 17 inches!"

Brian Cieslik - Arlington Heights, IL

"If you’re like me it’s hard to get motivated to exercise and follow a nutrition plan with any kind of consistency. There are always things that come up. I knew I needed someone who could hold me accountable and provide a complete solution. A friend spoke highly of Restoration Fitness so I gave them a try. Since starting the Restoration Fitness program I’ve lost 39lbs. and 17 inches. All aspects of my health have improved. I suffered from chronic low back pain for years and that’s gone! My strength and endurance is the better than they’ve been in years, and I finally have a program that fits into my life."

"I'm 50 in the Size of My  20s!"

Michele Murphy - Kildeer, IL

"I never would of thought at the age of 50 I could have more energy, lose fat, get toned, and fit into cloths I was wearing in my 20’s! Restoration Fitness provides the complete package of cardio, resistance training, and nutrition. All completely realistic, manageable, and liveable."

The Restoration Fitness Team is committed to the improvement of your overall health.  Weight and fat loss, reducing and eliminating medications, bringing back your self-confidence, and increasing your happiness is our priority.  We respect and appreciate the trust our clients place in us and look forward to working with you.

"15lbs and 5 inches Lost!"

Angela Pitzo - Arlington Heights, IL

"Since starting with Restoration Fitness I've lost 15lbs. I’ve lost 2-inches in my hips, 3-inches in my waist, and all my clothes that were tight are loose! I have gained a tremendous amount of strength and endurance, but the best result of all is my confidence and happiness has come back!"

"My name is Dr. Mark Neault and I am an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy. With over 10 years in practice, I have had the opportunity to work with Fitness Professionals at all levels, and I have never met an approach quite like Restoration Fitness.

Restoration Fitness offers what I call the “Total Package” from a Medical Professional’s point-of-view… Flexibility, Cardio, Strength and Nutrition to meet any desired goal with a safety profile, which is unparalleled. I recommend Restoration Fitness without reservation to anyone who is looking to make a difference in their life which may not only improve their activity level, but it may have a large impact on their overall health.

Nutrition is often overlooked by Fitness Professionals, but not with Restoration Fitness. This is an extremely important component to maintaining a healthy approach to achieving the desired results in any fitness program. Restoration Fitness is fully equipped to handle your nutrition needs.

My son, wife and I all work with Restoration Fitness. Personally, I've lost 20lbs and 8 inches. The results have been amazing to see!

There are many trendy videos and books on the market. None of these can have the flexibility required to truly develop an effective exercise program. There is no possible way for 3 different people to get 3 different results and meet their respective goals without injury by watching a DVD. From a Medical and Sports Medicine perspective, this concept simply does not make sense".

Dr. Mark Neault, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We believe in our trainers expertise and our programs so confidently that we back up all our programs with a No Hassle - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

"If you haven't had better results than any other program out there, we will gladly refund 100% of your money. Simple as that." - Sean Lee, Owner