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Introducing Restoration Fitness's Zero Pound Fitness Challenge!

Make December the Month of Looking and Feeling Your BEST! Go Into the New Year With a Toned and Healthy Body!


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Want to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain?!

On average people gain 8-13 pounds during the Holidays.

December is the month that can cause havoc on weight loss… workouts… as most people gain the dreaded holiday pounds! We’ve seen it happen time and again.

Between the holiday parties, work place treats, alcohol, and all of the extra sugars and sweets, you stand to gain eight to thirteen pounds over the next four weeks.


And that’s why we've decided to create a new fitness program just for the month of December that will not only help you keep the extra weight gain at bay, but also help you lose a few pounds EVEN WHILE ENJOYING ALL TYPES OF HOLIDAYS MEALS & SNACKS.

Because the Holidays Don't Have to Be Hard!

The reason for this challenge is to make sure that we take you into the New Year with awesome fat burning workouts and healthy eating habits so that you can continue on with your New Year resolution of being fit.

The program will end exactly 5 weeks (or 35 days) after your first training session, taking you well into the first or second week of January, depending on when you first start the program.

And with 58 workout times available, you have the flexibility to workout before work, after taking the kids to school, or after work.


To enter this challenge you will need to sign up between now and Friday, December 15th (deadline)

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  • Click one of the buttons on this page to register and secure your spot. (We will contact you within 24 hours to review the details of the program and confirm your start date.)
  • Start Training with us anytime between Monday, December 4th and Friday, December 15th! The 5-Week Countdown begins after your first training session.

*** BONUS ***

Invite 3 or more of your family or friends and when they join, your challenge will be absolutely FREE!

*New Clients Only - No further commitment necessary at the end of the program

See the Results We're Getting With Our Clients...

"Since starting with Restoration Fitness I've lost 15lbs. I’ve lost 2-inches in my hips, 3-inches in my waist, and all my cloths that were tight are loose! I have gained a tremendous amount of strength and endurance, but the best result of all is my confidence and happiness has come back!"

Angela Pitzo

Arlington Heights, IL

"My experience have been nothing less than life changing. I have lost fat, gained muscle, shrunk my waist line and have gotten so much stronger. Other very positive effects of their well-planned fitness and nutrition program is that I walk taller, have increased energy, sleep better and have much more focus and clarity at work. This has contributed to a record sales year for me."

Ron Roberti

Mundelein, IL

"I tried doing this for years on my own and nothing worked. I’d run on the treadmill six days a week, eat what I thought was healthy, and the scale wouldn’t budge…I was so frustrated. When I started with Restoration Fitness I was skeptical. But that quickly changed. The workouts were so different than what I had done and the nutritional approach was something I could fit into my life. With their simple system I’ve lost 33 lbs. and 10 inches! I’m thrilled with my results and has no plans of stopping anytime soon."

Amy Neault

Kildeer, IL

"I’ve worked out for years, but needed something more. Even though I was exercising my blood pressure was borderline high and I absolutely didn’t want to go on meds! I wasn’t happy with the ponzola either! To date I’m thrilled with my results. My blood pressure is on the low end of normal and I’ve dropped 12lbs and 4 inches in my waist."

Joe McNamara

Arlington Heights, IL

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Restoration Fitness is a private and exclusive fitness studio catering to the health conscious crowd. We run a multiple award winning program and get real people, real results! All our trainers are certified, educated, experienced and extremely good at their jobs (we are in the results business).

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Start Getting Results Like These Today!

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We believe in our trainers expertise and our programs so confidently that we back up all our programs with a No Hassle - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

"If you haven't had better results than any other program out there, we will gladly refund 100% of your money. Simple as that." - Sean Lee, Owner

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