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The Little Black Dress Project is Here!

Restoration Fitness is on a MISSION to help women to become more self-confident, lose weight, and celebrate being a strong, healthy, and happy woman.

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YOU are ALREADY Amazing!

But takes a little sweat, support, and a LOT of fun to make you FEEL that way!

Women are always performing amazing balancing acts between work, family, and trying to have some semblance of a social life. Plus, you are the first person to get put on the BACK Burner.

Do you have a hard time putting yourself first. EXACTLY!

That's WHY the team here at Restoration Fitness, created The Little Black Dress Project for all the Wonderful  Women in the Lake Zurich area!

Best of all, we made easy to follow so it fits right into your busy lifestyle.

What's The Little Black Dress Project All About?

The Little Black Dress Project is a step-by-step 6-Week Transformation program for women that includes a clean meal plan guide, weekly grocery shopping lists, fat-burning body sculpting workouts, and daily inspiration to help you feel FABULOUS, look AMAZING!

The Little Black Dress Meal Plan:

6-weeks of a clean, whole foods meal plan that is designed to detoxify a woman's body and turn it into a healthy, fat-burning machine that you can be PROUD of.

You will rid your body of sugar cravings, rev up your metabolism, and this plan will give you the ENERGY to take on the world.

Our Signature LBD Workouts:

Our Little Black Dress workouts are designed to help you look AMAZING in that little black dress!

The workouts are focused on tightening and toning where it counts, and eliminating that stubborn body fat that tends to take up residence in our thighs, butt, triceps, and stomach.

Little Black Dress Daily Dose:

…is our daily LBD email you will get that is filled with inspiration, motivation, and tips & tricks to help you to stay on track with the program.

Accountability & Support:

We CARE about you getting the results that you want and we will go that extra mile to make SURE you stay on track with the program.

How many times have you tried to “diet” or “eat healthier” and somehow still ended up with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Fro-Yo in front of the TV? It’s happened to the best of us.

We will do everything possible within our power to make sure you stay on track with the program….even if we need to come to your house and lock up the Ben & Jerry’s 😄

Ladies Night Out:

A week or so before the program ends you’re invited to our LBD shopping experience to pick out that new little black dress (or new black outfit if you prefer). At the 6-week mark we will close out the program and celebrate with a party in honor all your hard work commitment, and most importantly making time to take care of YOU!

What You Get:

  • check
    18 small group personal training sessions (Value: $594)
  • check
    Recipe Book (Value $97)
  • check
    Done-for-you Grocery Shopping Lists (Value: $79)
  • Keys to Success Guidebook (Value: $29)
  • Weekly Accountability Emails (Value: Priceless )
  • Daily Inspirational Emails (Value: Priceless)
  • VIP Ladies Little Black Dress Shopping Experience (Value: Priceless)
  • VIP Ladies Night Out (Value: Priceless)

Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge?

The LBD Project begins Monday, January 28th and runs through Friday, March 8th


Questions? Call us: 847-847-1837


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