Do you feel like you're carrying around a few extra pounds that you just can't seem to get rid of no matter how much you exercise or diet?

Do you wish you felt full of energy and didn't have to rely on afternoon espressos to get you through the day?

Do you want to kick cravings and bad eating habits once and for all?

Do you want to feel confident, strong and comfortable in your own skin?

Do you feel lost when it comes to the foods you should be eating to help you lose weight, beat the bloat and not feel deprived?

If any of the above describes you… And…

You need a little kick in the butt, some accountability, and a complete nutrition and exercise plan that tells you exactly what to eat, how much, and when then our brand new 28-Day Transformation Challenge Program is your solution.

Now is the time to get started, bust through plateaus, and get results. Period.

In our 28-Day Transformation Challenge we will take you through smart and efficient workouts and show you exactly how to fuel your body for maximum fat loss.

Especially in your trouble areas like your tummy, butt, thighs, and the back of your arms. And the best part is your satisfaction is our guarantee, or I we’ll give you your money back.

I know how difficult and frustrating it is to be caught in a yo-yo diet trap, or to have done so well for while only to fall off track. You may even be exercising regularly without seeing any results or progress.

This is all too common. But I promise with a proven plan that is flexible to fit your life and schedule you will start making progress each and every week!

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Who’s this program for?

This program is perfect for women and men looking to drop a 5-10 pounds so you can not only look good in your cloths, but feel great about yourself, and have the energy to perform at your best!

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to add tone, definition, and shape to their arms, legs, hips, and tummy, and is also great for anyone who wants lose weight, or decrease body fat while improving stamina and endurance so you FEEL fit, strong, and healthy.

This program is exactly what you need to get you on the fast track towards your fitness goals?  

If you’ve been putting others before you NOW is the time to start taking care of you!

What’s Included?

Smart & Efficient Fat Loss Workouts

We know everyone is different, which is why we customize our workouts to your fitness level and any limitations you may have; giving you the perfect workout every time.  

28-Day Incredible “Fail Proof” Meal Plan

You’re smart! You know you can't "Out - Exercise" a bad diet. So, we took out all of the guesswork and provide you with what to eat, how much, and how often.  

Complete Recipe Guide

Easy to follow and includes simple GREAT TASTING meals that are fat loss AND family friendly. Eating healthy eating does NOT have to be difficult and boring.

Weekly Grocery Lists

The weekly grocery lists will leave no guess work on your part. You’ll know exactly what and how much to buy every week.

Support & Accountability

Get the coaching and support from our team and others just like you. Accountability is the missing ingredient you need to get to follow through and achieve the results you want. We also have a simple weekly weight/measurement tracking system to ensure you’re making progress every week and hold you accountable to it.  

Private BB Challenge FB Group

Here you’ll get additional motivation and support to ensure your success.

This will be a life-changing journey filled with new experiences and self-discovery.
Following this plan, you will boost your metabolism, eliminate sugar cravings, & rid your body of unwanted fat!
The benefits of this eating strategy stretch far beyond fat loss. You will improve your gut health, reduce inflammation, and rid your body of nagging aches and pains.

Plain and simple you WILL feel better and proud of what you’ve accomplished in just 28 short days

Here’s what clients said about the last program we ran like this:

Cheryl Smith


"The Nutrition Plan was easy to follow and I love the results. I lost 10 pounds and 8 inches in my waist and hips. I feel great, have more energy and know I am being far better to my body."

Cindy Cramer


I have finally found a healthy nutrition plan for myself and my family. The results were amazing I lost unwanted pounds and inches! I also feel empowered with a new attitude, greater motivation and an improved mindset

And… look Patty lost 16 pounds and 11 inches!!

Our clients get exceptional results. But the truth is, they're not "exceptional" specimens, in the pure physical sense.

They have the same limitations you do. They have jobs, and families, and trouble spots. They're limited by time and genetics and physiology. And yet they STILL get amazing results.

Which means that you can, too!

Anytime I talk about our clients and their amazing success, I always want to be clear and say that what sets our programs apart is not working you "harder"'s helping you work smarter.

I share this with you because if you decide to participate you’ll quickly recognize we are more than just a fitness and nutrition program… we are your ultimate fitness experience. 

Here’s a quick snapshot of some additional benefits:

  • Naturally balance blood sugar and helps eliminate cravings
  • Supports hormone production and rebalancing
  • Improves brain health and help protect against dementia and other disorders
  • Improves memory and clear brain fog
  • Improves digestion
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves fertility
  • Decreases anxiety and mood swings

It's time to take care of you and SAY YES to your health!

If you want to shed unwanted pounds, increase your energy, build strong and lean muscle, eat delicious food, and have the step-by-step process for how to get there the Restoration Fitness 28-Day Transformation Challenge is what you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 20 pounds to drop a few sizes, or get the last 5 pounds off to get to your goal weight our program will get you there.

Click button below to get more information, or reserve your spot in our 28-Day Transformation Challenge.

Our 28-Day Transformation Challenge GUARANTEE:

  • THE BEST QUALITY, PERIOD.- Without question, I believe the Restoration Fitness 28-Day Transformation Challenge is the best program on the market, and I know you'll be amazed at the level of detail and quality. Every component our program has been laid out step-by-step to ensure the fastest, and best results possible. With the Restoration Fitness 28-Day Transformation Challenge, I know you'll see results with-in the first week. And by the end of the 28-Day program, those last few pounds will be a memory. But the best thing is this: as long as you stay committed to the things you learn your results will carry on for life.
  • THE FASTEST RESULTS POSSIBLE.- I know you'll feel better in a matter of days, and see results with-in the first week. And by the end of the 28-Day program, the weight you lose will be a memory. But the best thing is: this is totally sustainable. As long as you stay committed to the concepts of the program you’re guaranteed success for life.
  • AN UNPARALLELED FITNESS EXPERIENCE.- When you become a valued member of the Restoration Fitness community we roll out the red carpet. We will be with you every step of the way. We’ll coach you through your challenges and celebrate your victories.



If at any point over the course of the program you’re not satisfied with your investment, just let me know and I'll refund your money.

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