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We Are Opening Up 15 NEW Spots In Our 6 Week Challenge For People Who Want To Transform Their Bodies, Look and Feel Better Than They Have in Years, And Lose Up to 12Lbs In 42 Days Or Less... (Without Restrictive Low Calorie "Diets")





Give Us 42 Days And We’ll Help You Become Empowered In Your Health And Get You Feeling Comfortable 
And Confident In Your Favorite Clothes Again.

Voted "Best Fitness Center in SW Lake County!"



1. Small Group Training 

These personalized sessions have a max class size of 6 people and is where we use our scientifically-proven training formula to... 

  • Flatten your belly... melt flab while sculpting a strong midsection.
  • Tone up your arms, thighs, and butt... zero in on your trouble zones and get get fit and firm.
  • Boost your metabolism...burn more calories all day long!
  • Feel 10 years younger... decrease stress, fatigue, stiffness, and age-related aches and pains!

2. Customized Nutrition Coaching

  • We don't use "diets" – those have an end date and aren’t unsustainable.
  • This is stress-free eating. Meaning, you don’t have to guess what to eat, when and how much. Everything will be laid out in an ‘push-button-simple’ and easy-to-follow plan
  • You’ll never want to go back to low calorie, zero carb diets again. We’ll have you eating a lot including the ‘not-so-healthy’ food to make it sustainable and actually fun to do. The trick is doing it the right way. Done properly, you can have better results more quickly by allowing more food choices. Done wrong and you could pile on some hefty pounds quickly.

3Unconditional Coaching Support

  • Our coaches don’t move in with you but they’re relentlessly committed to helping you get the results you want as fast as possible..
  • You won’t have to be alone. We’ll be there to keep you on track, motivated and constantly progressing.
  • We actually care that you show up. If you don’t we will kindly reach out and make sure you stay consistent and on track.

4. Clarity

  • You’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it and when!
  • No more confusing ‘diet-equations’ or obsessive calorie counting that are NOT sustainable and make you feel miserable. Our blueprint will make it impossible to fail.

5. Certainty From a Proven Program

  • With over 1000 people we promise this program is fine-tuned and unbelievably effective. If you are tired of weight loss plans that are painful, time consuming, or just plain ineffective, you need this program.
  • It’s time you discovered how incredible we can help you look and feel.

6. Sustainable Habits

  • You’ll develop the right habits that are easy to stick with and don’t threaten your social life or favorite foods.
  • The term “making it a lifestyle” doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything “unhealthy” forever and eat raw kale and dry chicken breast for the rest of your life.
  • Our strategy is to help you learn how to get results and keep them while still eating and drinking all of your favorites… (you'll be surprised by how simple it is).

There are no "Gimmicks" or "Diets" on our Path To A Healthy, Sporty And Lean Body! The KEY Benefits to our 6-Week Transformation Program Include…

  • Learn SIMPLE and FAST methods you can use to create a hormonal environment that forces you to succeed...
  • Experience our exclusive training method that forces your body to transform stubborn fat from your hips, thighs, and love handles to lean, toned muscle.
  • Perform the best exercise techniques that allow you to create a physique you will be proud of. 
  • Learn how to achieve double the results in half the time by using the right exercises the RIGHT way.
  • Learn how to prioritize your trouble spot body parts and use hormonal targeting training to go from "good" to great. 
  • Injuries or limitations? No problem. We adapt exercises so they are safe and effective to meet your needs.

DOUBLE Money Back Guarantee!

I am SO confident that our Dangerously Fit Program will be the BEST program you have ever tried that I'm putting my money where my mouth is by offering this DOUBLE money-back guarantee:

Guarantee #1: If you do not get the best results you've ever experienced... no matter what your goals are (lose weight, shape up, or be healthy)... I will give you 100% of your money back!

Guarantee #2: If you're not happy with the SERVICE and PERSONAL ATTENTION you receive, I will give you 100% of your money back!

Sean Lee - Owner


My experience at Restoration Fitness has exceeded all my


When I started a year ago I wanted to decrease my back pain,

be healthier and in better shape.

I no longer have back pain and I have gained lean body muscle and truly feel100% better!

Sean has created a business that is flexible to the customer

with the great trainers. The workouts are totally challenging and in 45 minutes I am always thrilled to have accomplished it. I have had a most challenging year and working out here as truly saved me emotionally.

I love all the great people that I have met here.

Evelyn Laxgang

My journey with RF began in Feb. 2016, and since then I’ve

never felt better about my overall well being; from physical to


Sean has designed a combined fitness and nutrition program

that is tailored just for me. Our regular checkins have been

very valuable, not to mention helpful with understanding my

body, my mind, my nutrition, my well being and how I can

reach my goal of feeling and experiencing the best me.

This coupled with Alex and his never ending patience with working with me to build strength energy, stamina, in a boutique

style workout setting have made me feel better, stronger, healthier.

Many thanks to all Restoration Team Members for creating a positive, energetic, fun workout environment!

Lourdes Albrecht



  • In just 8-10 days being able to notice a change in the way you look.
  • The sigh of relief and feeling of security and excitement knowing that you’re on the proven fast-track to achieve the body you’ve been chasing for years.
  • Actually being excited to buy a bathing suit for the summer – or being able to walk the beach confidently with your shirt off.
  • Folding up your old baggy clothes and putting them away FOR GOOD to make room for clothes that fit and actually show off your results and hard work.
  • Having the energy of a ‘twenty-something’ year old… (and the sex drive!) 

Those Are All Shortly Going To Be Guaranteed Realities For The 15 Committed Women and Men Who Complete Our Application Form And Prove That They're A Good Fit For This Challenge.

But remember, we only have 15 spots available.

Once all 15 spots have been claimed, we will be closing the doors and the transformations will begin… (for the lucky 15 men and  women selected for this challenge).


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