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Sean Lee, CSCS, CPT, YFS

CFO, Chief Fitness Officer

Here’s my story and why I’m here to support you in your journey to whatever your goals may be…

“Why is this happening to me!!

I’m only 19. I’m young, healthy, and have been a competitive athlete my entire life.

I workout 6-days a week and eat a healthy diet (at least that’s what I thought at the time).

I even supplement to make sure I get all of the right nutrition. I’m not the sick type. I’m invincible! (Yep – I was a typical teenager J)

Or at least that was the perception I had of myself, and how the outside world viewed me. I was fit, lean, and muscular. My blood work…always perfect.

I was the picture of health to all who looked at me.

But on the inside – I wasn’t. I wasn’t at all.

Something went terribly wrong. No one could see it, but I could feel it. It was so hard to articulate at the time.

I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened, but one morning I woke up in a fog. I couldn’t think clearly. I felt out of sorts. The fog quickly turned into a constant state of dizziness. I felt intoxicated.

Sounds great, right? Not when you're a college student trying to make the grade and compete as a collegiate athlete. It was downright debilitating!

It was like a bad dream that kept repeating itself. Day-after-day the feeling was there and getting worse. I hoped and prayed it would just go away, but it didn’t. It got worse. I started having heart palpitations. And the endless stream of energy I once had was gone! I was tired – lethargic.

What the hell is wrong with me??? Am I dying??

My mom took me to doctor after doctor. Not one of them could give us an answer. I saw my primary care, endocrinologists, neurologists, and the list goes on.

I ended up at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota twice. I had blood tests, MRI’s, CAT scans, and hundreds of other tests.

I even had a psych evaluation…I know I’m a little crazy, but not certifiable :)

The test results always came back normal. The doctors used to say… “I wish all of my patients were as healthy as you are”. Maybe so, but I wouldn’t put the way I felt on any of them.

I remember thinking…no sign of anything. Really? How is this possible? Maybe I am crazy? Could this whole thing be a figment of my imagination?

No - it wasn’t. It was real. Could I go on living like this?

Now what?

I had exhausted all of my options. I felt trapped. Modern medicine had failed me, or at least that’s the way I felt.

In that moment of panic I made a decision. I said to myself…if no one can heal me I will figure out a way to heal myself! I always had a passion for health. This took it to a whole new level.

From that point forward I got my hands on everything I could related to nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and holistic health.

I became obsessed with learning. I took every college nutrition class I could get in. I attended every continuing education course I could find. I read books, research, you name it, I did it.

Through my research I discovered my body was toxic. And this toxicity was signaling an autoimmune response. The combination of excessive high intensity exercise and my exposure to various foods and supplements over time weakened my immune system.

What I thought was healthy eating wasn’t healthy at all. My body was starving for nutrition. The food I was eating wasn't real. It was highly refined and processed lab made crap loaded with chemicals and no nutrients.

And the commercially sold supplements I was using were contaminated. This means they contained “potentially” harmful ingredients that were not stated on the label. And because the FDA doesn't regulate these products it wasn’t illegal. Ugh!

I felt so violated. All of the things I thought were “healthy”, and had been driven into my head through various marketing channels for years made me sick. Toxic!

My body had reached its breakpoint. My immune system could no longer fight off all of these foreign invaders. The chemicals added to these products had taken its toll and gotten the best of me.

As I educated myself I started making significant lifestyle changes.

I removed the processed foods. If it wasn’t real food I didn’t eat it. I started buying organic. My diet consisted of lean proteins, “real” whole grain carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lots of fruits and veggies.

I stopped using the commercially sold supplements and completely changed what I was doing for exercise.

I basically removed all of the external stressors, which were creating the toxic internal environment I was living in.

And over time something really profound happened. I started to feel better. The fog slowly started to lift. The out of sorts feeling disappeared. And my energy was restored.

It took about 12-18 months until I was back to myself. It felt like a long road at the time, but today I will tell you it was worth every second.”

I share this story with you because this experience helped me discover my true purpose and mission in life:

To inspire and empower people of all ages and abilities to live, feel, and perform better in all phases of life.

We all have a story to share. And no matter what has brought you to this point tomorrow can be a better day. You can do it!

And my team and I are ready to make you our next success story!

We’re ready to guide you on this amazing journey to begin living the life you deserve.

Are you ready to take that first step? If not now…when?

The Restoration Fitness Team:

Alex Apostol - Personal Trainer

Linda Donner - Personal Trainer

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